Winter Wonderland

December 9, 2012

Time for a new creation with design team of made with love (and paper).

Again, this was supposed to be up the first of the month. I did actually have it completed. I do not know why I put off sharing. But it is perfect timing today as in MinneSNOWta we have finally received out first real snow. It has snowed twice already--but not even a dusting. Today's snow, however, requires snow blowers as well as taking the big yellow snowplows to the streets. Winter has finally arrived in Minnesota. Yeah for snow!

Along with winter and snow comes ice skating. And, sorry to say, but real ice skating is done OUTSIDE with the elements. (None of this indoor, comfy stuff where you go around and around and around.) Nothing is more beautiful then watching a figure skater dance among a lovely white and sparking winter wonderland!

For December our design team of made with love (and paper) is to create a winter wonderland--whatever that means to us.

You may have caught on that I love 3 dimensional paper creations. I have been met with some success in creating a few from scratch. I decided to give a go at a 3 dimensional ice skate. It needs some tweaking, but I like it. I wanted to go crazy with embellishing it, but I am not a natural at that. So I tried to make it balanced.

I do hope you like it and would appreciate your comments below. Happy Skating!

side view

front profile

laces on


close up of detail


Snow covered fence picture, Ruby Tam
Digi Stamps (circle, bingo cards) & Mittens Cut, The Cutting Cafe

10 comments on “Winter Wonderland”

    1. Thank you Paula. It is good for exercising my brain. I am glad you like the embelies--still struggle with balance.

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