May Treasures Be Yours ~Happy Birthday Nicolette!

June 2, 2011

Day Two

We continue to celebrate Nicolette's Birthday Bash!! Nicolette is our host and a mighty fine host she be on this here Birthday Blog Adventure. If ye wandered over from OBX Stamping and Crafting with me matey Tammy, then ye be on the right dream path. And if ye don't want to miss any the fun, the party starts at Nicolette's Ship, Beyond Scrappin'. My thanks to Nicolette for her friendship and including me in her birthday celebration. Your next stop is KarelJCreations. Full list posted at end of my blog.

Argh! Was a fine creation yesterday, tis was. If ye like ye them fairies and fluffy things! Ay, I did have me eye on those coins tho!!

But then me saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4. I be not much of a disney fan, but I's am a loyal fan of Captain Jack Sparrow (and more so Johnny Depp). So I gots me an itch, I's did, and set me course to acquires the Black Pearl for me-self, I did!

Black Beard had thee beautiful Pearl bottled up on him own ship.

Now, me thinks Captain Sparrow has had him an easier time then I. Ye don't know the troubles I had and the wrong paths me took. I created the cut file for this ship totally from scratch. Do ye know how hard it be to find a good picture of the Pearl?! No two be the same. I guess it's hard to capture such a legend!! But here, alas, she be--and a beauty she is!! I have set her free and am off to find the Fountain of Youth!! Argh! Stay out of me way!!

Some of the gals are having some struggles with Blogger, so here is the full list of Hops for Nicolette's Birthday Bash:

1. Nicolette


3. Tammy

5. Krista

6. Karelj

7. Denise

8. Paula D

9 .Jenny

10. Kimmarie

11. Carol C.

12. Corrine P

13. Anita

14. Ellen

15. break--go refill your coffee cup

16. Deborah

17. Stacy

18. Pam

19. Jenn N.

20. Kristal

21. Alina

22. Stacey

23. Brynn

24. Dawnica O

25. Ellen

22 comments on “May Treasures Be Yours ~Happy Birthday Nicolette!”

  1. Love your Ship in a Bottle. So Creative!!! I have got to see that Movie. Thanks for Sharing!!! :0)
    cindymarshall63 at hotmail dot com

  2. I am also a Pirates of the Carribean fan we just saw it on ourr anniversary we did in the D-box seat--awesome. I love your Black pearl in a bottle.
    Katsews at gmail dotcom

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