My Very First Blogger Award

January 24, 2011

I received the Stylish Blog Award today! To be noticed by a fellow crafter is a huge honor! I am humbled, touched. My wonderful friend Denise, a superb crafter and business woman, gave me this award. You can view her blog and creations at Designs from My Heart.

I am very happy and truly honored to be one of the 8 that Denise has bestowed with this award. There is so much talent out there and I feel so blessed to be included in this circle! I have been a part of this internet craft culture for only a short 6 months. This award, to be included, is timely because of very recent I finally know "What I want to be when I grow up!" I love this world!

I have been asked to share 8 things about myself. I am only choosing two that are craft-related. I like to break the mold. And paper crafting is just a small part of who I am.
1. My favorite crafting supply is FIBERS
2. I am a patterned paper hoarder (but, aren't we all?!)
3. I usually leave the house wearing a stylish hat
4. Before I die I want to stand next to an Emperor Penguin!
5. When I sing to my God, I can only make a JOYFUL noise
6. I hate driving
7. I Could eat plain cheesecake EVERY DAY
8. My kids can be tough, but I would not change a thing!

I am happy to pass along the award to 8 others that have provided inspiration to my crafting life and general happiness & well-being! Here are their blogs in no particular order. Please check them out.
1. Denise at Designs from My Heart
2. Paula at Scrap Your World
3. Katie at The ScrapBox
4. Kindra at Kindra's Creations
5. Steve at Steven Hong Media (a craft of capturing life on film)
6. Chris at Crave Something More (an innate craft of interrupting God's word)
7. Christy at Lady Bugz Creations
8. Sana at Scrap Corner

OK-- I am stepping out of the parameters. There are 2 others I want to acknowledge for their support of this newbie. The do not have blogs, but do have facebook fan pages.
A. Rachele at Expressions of Faith
B. Julie at In the Book

4 comments on “My Very First Blogger Award”

  1. Krista, your kind words and comments are so much appreciated. I feel that I have been blessed by seeking and recruiting members to be on the MPTS tag team and you were the first recruit. Thanks so much for going along for the ride because if you didn't I wouldn't have met you and a great deal of other ladies that have now become friends also.


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