Two days without crafting due to illness. Now my craft room has been over taken by "items" and furniture from other parts of the house.
The good news: We are getting new windows. Hubby is going to paint!
The bad news: I am without my space for a . . . week? Maybe longer?
I have projects that need finishing, new ideas to implement and Christmas cards yet to be mailed!
I'm already in withdrawal! I'll have to join the 4 year old at preschool so I can get a craft fix! Wait, I send him to preschool so I can craft uninterrupted. So, do a little crafting for me . . . .

One time I went in the room to get something. I got stuck. I had to PLAN an escape route. Most of that non-crafting stuff is out now b/c the construction team is quite efficient. Maybe I could hire them to clean my craft room. I admit it was a mess before the window project.

Can You Get in the Door?

My Shelf has Been Left Alone

There IS a Desk Here Somewhere

Every Bit of Space Has Been Taken Over