Winter IS a Challenge

January 14, 2011

I grew up in Minnesota. I'm still in MN. But, I do not like MN winters. Mostly, it's the cold. If it weren't for the cold, the snow would be more enjoyable. I'm tired of trying to function with mittens, being covered from head to toe and dealing with glasses that fog up. The only reason I stay here is because my groom refuses to leave.

This is the first time since I was a child that I am enjoying winter--from inside. More specifically, inside my craft room. The challenge of the cold MN winter and this year's amazing amount of snow have given me "material" for the challenges from my design team, Creative Paper Artists. I am really having a lot of fun tying the cold and snow in to my creations. I tease about it because I met a great number of crafty friends on the east coast and upper south that are having unprecedented snow themselves. It has been fun to hear your stories of the snow!

I am now on the Card Team (as well as the tag team). For January we were challenged to make a card which included the following elements: snowman, Stickles, ribbon, and pattern paper.

You are welcome to look back through the Paper Cafe blog for the other winter creations I have made. I am starting to run out of ideas (so MN best be seeing spring time soon). I like that Michelle included snowman in the requirements for this month's card. It gave me a better starting place. And, I promise, no more winter creations!

This card with the "chillin" snowman measures 5" X 7" and opens upward. The sentiment on the sun reads "Chillin' in Minnesota" because that is what Minnesotans do in the winter! And with all the blinding snow, you have to wear sunglasses. Even the snowmen!

I thought I would alter the card a little. The second card is a 5" round. I used the same sentiment and a snowman face.

I think only Snowmen enjoy MN winters!

"Chillin' In MN"

Happy Snowman Sporting Shades in Minnesota

Side view . . .

3 comments on “Winter IS a Challenge”

  1. This is so cute it brought a smile to my face. My daughter lives in MN. She wasn't raised there but she met the love of her life there so until he decides to move she is by his side. They live in Grand Rapids. She complains of the cold every year. But she says the worst part is the cabin fever.
    Hey, TFS Hugs, Debi

    1. Hi Kassidy and welcome to my Paper Cafe. This is truly life in MN winter! Thank you for your comment. I had fun making these guys! Where are you?

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